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You can search all foreclosures for all forms of foreclosures including pre-foreclosures, auction properties, bank-owned properties and government-owned properties. Some of these properties are listed for sale and some are not yet on the market. This exclusive search powered by Realty Trac gives you a more complete picture of the foreclosure activity in your area.

You can search Buckhead & Brookhaven MLS Foreclosures to see features properties in all the local MLS that are currently listed for sale. Most other local real estate websites feature no foreclosure search or show only a small percentage of the currently listed properties. Our Buckhead & Brookhaven MLS Foreclosure search provides the most accurate & complete source for foreclosures that are listed for sale today.

You can search Buckhead & Brookhaven short sales for properties that may be offered by special arrangement with the lender for sale at less than the outstanding mortgage balance. Once again, this search provides the most accurate and complete source of short sales in the market. These properties may take an extended time to close but may also be an excellent investment for the right buyer or situation.

Purchasing distressed properties requires special expertise and access to proprietary data to give you the real scoop so you can make better, more informed real estate decisions. Please use these searches to explore the possibilities then contact me to get started!

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